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Project Description

BatterySaver is a simple application, in C#, that allows laptop users to perform actions based on battery notification events (AC<=>DC).

BatterySaver allows you to control devices, services and processes to reduce battery consumption. This is especially useful for netbooks.


The goal of BatterySaver is to provide a service that can respond to power change notifications by performing any of a set of configurable actions. BatterySaver is designed to be modular, so additional actions can easily be added. Currently there is no official support for plugins, but it is in the pipeline


Release Details Status
Current Version 1.0 Beta

User Interface

As of Version 1.0 a GUI is available to configure the actions.




So what can you do when responding power events out-of-the-box? You can:
  • Start and stop processes;
  • Start and stop services; and
  • Enable and disable devices

There is support for profiles (as of Version 0.3) that allows for different configurations. For instance, you may have an "Airplane Mode" which will disable your wireless adapter, turn off all of the firewall, windows update, anti-virus software services and kill any extraneous "internet" applications, like online storage services.


I created this application in response to a lack of any similar application on the market. I needed something to help preserve the battery life on my netbook when on a long plane ride. Since, on a plane ride, you can make a lot of assumptions as to the services available (such as no internet), you can disable a lot of unnecessary processes, services and devices.

I searched for a solution, but came up empty. There are a lot of applications to show you how much battery life you have remaining (as if the built-in indicator is insufficient). I'm sure there are vendor-specific applications that can execute scripts during power transitions, but they are likely limited in scope to cater to less saavy users.

Lastly, if nobody finds this useful, so be it :) I find it useful and figured I would share it with the community.


We're looking for feedback! Please head over to and submit, or vote for, features; anything is welcome. If your feature is unique and is incorporated, you will be given credit in the application.


All contributions are welcome. Just create a fork and submit a pull request. Any fork that addresses an issue in the Issue Tracker has a high likelihood of being accepted.

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